Who are the winners and losers when your community allocates funds for recreational activities? Why?

Examples of each of these deliveries are evident in any city or town; however, many economists believe that a private enterprise operating in an open market is the most efficient means of providing goods and services to consumers. Although there is general agreement that government should provide some services, there is not agreement as to what kind of services, and how many. For this Discussion, you will propose a new sport facility for your own community and explore the pros and cons of a government-run facility versus a privately run facility.
Post a brief proposal for a new sport facility for your community. Then, explain whether a government-run facility or a privately run facility would be most efficient for the strategies you would employ to provide this delivery.
In formulating your Discussion post, consider the following:
If there were only one option of sport delivery in your community, which do you think would benefit the most individuals? Why?
Does your community exercise public choice or public interest when allocating funds for recreational activities?
Who are the winners and losers when your community allocates funds for recreational activities? Why?
What would be the financial and service level impact on your community from a private sport delivery or government sport delivery?

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