Which constraints is the company going to encounter in the process of managing supply and demand?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a supply chain case study and need support to help me learn.The case is attached to this prompt as a document. Please do not use outside sources or references. A works cited or references page is not necessary. Thank you!The case describes operations at a skiwear design and merchandising company and its supply partner. Introduces production planning for short-life-cycle products with uncertain demand and allows students to analyze a reduced version of the company’s production planning problem. Also, it provides details about information and material flows that allow students to make recommendations for operational improvements, including comparisons between sourcing products in Hong Kong and China.Questions to answerFirm Strategy:What key competitive advantages do you think Sport Obermeyer has compared to its competitors? (250 Words)
Which constraints is the company going to encounter in the process of managing supply and demand? (250 Words)
Order Quantity:Describe the current lead time. (250 Words)
How should Wally think about how much of each style to order in November? (or more specifically what high-level process should he use) (250 Words)
Requirements: 1,000 Words

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