What will the message be for each type of communication?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management discussion question and need support to help me learn.post 1:Project management forms an integral part of project success in any setting. One needs to build considerable project management skills and have vast experience to achieve the project goals. This course has given us a good platform to learn and structure our project management skills. I have found a good base in making a project easy to manage and managing risks that may hinder its completion. Breaking down the project into small units is essential to its success (Verzuh, 2021). A work breakdown structure divides the project into small chunks that make them understandable to the project team. It makes it easier to assign costs and timelines to the project tasks. Therefore, achieving the project goals and providing the stakeholders with value is easier.A good project manager learns from experience and improves management skills every time. There are many skills to learn in the project management field. The most important skill that I feel comfortable with and would like to improve is how to break down each project into manageable units. A project manager should be able to identify deliverables in a project and choose the best model to implement in project execution (Verzuh, 2021). It involves choosing between the traditional waterfall model and the agile project management methodology. It is in my interest to improve on the knowledge of both methodologies. This is because projects have different requirements and may need the implementation of different methodologies.Experience, as the saying goes, is the best teacher. However, practice does not make perfect without improvements. It is essential to enroll in training programs that target improving one’s project management skills. Through internships or part-time jobs, one should join project management agencies to gain more experience before taking project management contracts (Gido & Clements, 2014). This will give them space for making errors and correcting them because the final decision will not come from them at that time. More practice under coached projects will give a better experience and platform to improve the skills.post 2: Project communication management is a collection of processes that help make sure the right messages are sent, received, and understood by the right people (Verzuh, 2021). I struggle sometimes with us as different people require different level of messaging and sometimes, I can provide too much / less information which can cause confusion.Project communication management is one of the 10 key knowledge areas in project management. The processes included in this area have changed over the years but, there are three primary project communication management processes (Verzuh, 2021).These are:Plan communications management
Manage communications
Monitor communication
Project managers need to clearly outline how they will manage communications across their projects. This is done by creating a project communication management plan (Luo & Liu, 2014).Below is my plan and focus areas.Decide your objectives: What will be the purpose of my communication? I may use some communication tools for awareness, such as a status report. Others may require action, such as requiring a sponsor to authorize spending or a customer to approve project testing.
Determine your audience: Who are the stakeholders in this project? I will make an extensive list of everyone involved. Consider anyone impacted by the project or who influences its success. This list should include team members, sponsors, customers, and other interested parties.
Write your message: What will the message be for each type of communication? This is the actual content that will be shared. Key components to be communicated include scope, schedule, budget, objectives, risks, and deliverables.
Choose your channel: How will the message be delivered? Will it be a formal report emailed out to all stakeholders? Or will it be an informal verbal debrief during a team meeting?
Set a timeline: When will you deliver your message? Do my stakeholders require weekly or monthly reports? Is there a deadline to meet? Consider varying time zones and employee schedules here.
All the above steps will help me ace communication aspect of being a project manager.References:Verzuh, E. (2021). The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management (6ed.). Hoboken, NJ. John Wiley & Sons.
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