What might be the challenges and benefits of marrying a non-human verses a human?

Mr. Akihiko Kondo and his marriage in 2018 to Miku -a Japanese Anime character; and engaged with link included in module for Gatebox – the Japanese Company which created the AI  technology for the holographic images of said anime characters.
Having viewed this media, what are the possibilities of this technology on social psychological aspects of the traditional marriage between two humans, and its impact on peoples relationships, lives, emotions, and behaviors? After viewing Why I Married an Anime Character and GATEBOX pages, engage with the following response and discussion threads.
How is technology effecting the view of marriage as an institution between 2 living human beings – as opposed to a virtual marriage. What might be the challenges and benefits of marrying a non-human verses a human? Will intimacy change in a techno world?

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