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Paula, a recent college graduate, is a newly hired manager in the Production Department of a
medium-sized US. company. The first woman selected for this production training position,
Paula takes her work very seriously. She has been with the organization for three months.
For the first two months, she performed her duties very well, but during the last month,
Steve, her boss, has noticed a change in Paula. She seems more tense and uneasy and is not
concentrating on her work as conscientiously as she previously did
During the last month, Paula has been continually harassed by Richard, a coworker. At first
she tried ignoring his jokes and sexual banter. However, his persistence has caused Paula to
have very uncomfortable feelings while she is at work and at home as well. Paula looked
into the employee’s handbook concerning sexual harassment policies and found none. She
really did not know what to do.
Finally, after noticing her continually declining work, Steve asked her what was bothering
her. She told him the problem and showed him information concerning the EEOC laws
dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace she had found in a human resources
textbook from college. She also said that she was considering taking action against Richard
if his actions continued.
Steve told her he was totally unaware of the problem but agreed something should be done.
He asked her to investigate what the organization needed to do to stop this from occurring
now and also to anyone else in the future. He also thanked Paula for her patience and
honesty and also promised her that something would be done.
What is your Advice ?

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