What is the incidence and prevalence rate of TB in your state?

Discussion Questions
Using the information from your readings, listening to podcasts and viewing videos, respond to the assigned question below.
1. View Community Case: Communicable Disease: Tuberculosis. Respond to the following questions.
• Based on your readings, what should be the nurse’s next action?
• To which agencies should this TB case be reported?
• Should other individuals be tested for TB? Explain your answer.
• What is the incidence and prevalence rate of TB in your state? Compare this to national and international rates.
• Briefly describe the roles of the public health nurse in this scenario.
Case Introduction
Tuberculosis (TB) is on the rise again in the United States and worldwide. Public health nurses work with clients who live and work in settings where people are more susceptible or prone to TB. TB can be latent or active. Screening and prevention are key to addressing this current public health concern.
Case Part 1
Bradley Buchanan presents to the neighborhood nurse-run clinic with shortness of breath, a persistent cough with blood-tinged sputum, recent weight loss, and night sweats. On initial assessment, the client has a fever of 101.4°F and pain in his chest. His other vital signs are as follows: pulse 98 beats per minute; respirations 26 per minute; blood pressure 110/76 mm Hg; height 68 inches; and weight 140 pounds. Mr. Buchanan is 45 years old. He is employed as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and lives at the local shelter with his wife, who is 8 months pregnant, and his 13-year-old son. Mr. Buchanan is concerned that if he cannot go to work, he will lose the family’s only income. At this point, although Mr. Buchanan’s signs and symptoms and his purified protein derivative test results seem to indicate that he may have tuberculosis, the nurse must pursue further confirmation of the diagnosis.
• One posting must be substantive and include an APA citation to support your comments.
• All postings should reflect information obtained in assignments (reading/listening/viewing) from textbook and resources.
• Include supporting citation in correct APA format.
TEXTBOOK: Rector, C., & Stanley, M. J. (2022). Community and public health nursing: Promoting the public’s health (10th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

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