What is “piece work” and why is it harmful for garment workers?

Consider and summarize the main issues that are being debated in the arguments for and against SB 1399 and tell your reader whether you not you think this legislation is good for the apparel industry. Write in 250- 350 words!
Writing in a narrative format, reference these issues in your post:
Include a brief mention of one thing that was new to you about historic garment production in the readings for Week 1.
1. Has the ready-to-wear industry changed? If so, how? If not, why not?
2. What is “piece work” and why is it harmful for garment workers?
3. How does this article frame the larger issue of labor in the fashion industry, and what are the issues in this particular case?
4. Considering the timeline and changes enacted from labor law reform, do you think enacting new legislation SB 62 will resolve the issues for labor?
5. Will there be any consequences for retailers or consumers?
Below are the 2 articles that will help answer these questions
This link below is a background history about sweatshops, just incase you need background information :

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