What is Frost saying about the Civil War?

1. What is Frost saying about the Civil War?
2.What is the “hard mystery” of Jefferson’s?
3.Do you agree with this take on Jefferson’s words?
4.What examples in the history we have studied prove or disprove this take of Jefferson’s words?
(HINT: The whole “all men are created equal” is from the Declaration of Independence. NOT THE CONSTITUTION <–two totally different documents. Please don’t mix them up in this discussion especially since I just gave you this hint. Otherwise, I will think you aren’t reading carefully and my feelings will probably be hurt).
B. Should the statues commemorating Confederate generals be removed? Why or why not? What about the schools and streets named after them? And where is the line? Should we remove the Jefferson memorial from Washington, D.C. because he was a slave holder? Should anyone who participated in slavery be off-limits for public honors? Should we take George off the $1 bill? What about Andrew Jackson off the $20 for his atrocious treatment of the Natives?
Winslow Homer painted this from sketches he had made while touring Virginia. It depicts three freed-women being visited by their old mistress.
1. What do you see in the painting? (Not like an actually physical description, but what story does the painting tell)?
2. How do the women feel about their former mistress? How can you tell?
3. How does she feel about them? How can you tell?
4. Any interesting insight you’d like to add? <–optional question. 🙂
How are they different? Who were the 1st ten protecting? And from whom? Who are the 13th, 14th, & 15th protecting? And from whom?
The clips attached respectively in one video
Clip #19 Ft. Sumter
Clip #20 Lincoln’s Letter to Horace Greeley
Clip #21 The Emancipation Proclamation
Clip #22
Clip #23 Draft Riots in New York City
Clip #24 Suffering South
Clip #25 Gettysburg Address
Clip #26 Signs of Dissolution
Clip #27 Appomattox
Clip #28 Terms of Surrender
Clip #29 Meaning of the Civil War
Clip #30 Thanksgiving
Clip #31 Arlington National Cemetery
Federal Union and the Ordinance of Secession
Clip #32 Emancipated Slaves

transcript https://search.alexanderstreet.com/preview/work/bibliographic_entity%7Cvideo_work%7C5067716
Here is the link for the video:

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