What is/are the cause (s) of the deviation?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management project and need guidance to help me learn.Managerial Decision MakingSix Decision StagesAnalyze the Harvard Business Review case below using the six stages of the managerial decision making model. Take a holistic approach of evaluating a management or organizational problem. Use external sources to support their analysis of the case. External sources should include current business periodicals, magazines, and peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Do not use Wikipedia.Harvard Business Review Case:Toxic Leadership Case:Link: https://hbr.org/2014/05/where-theres-no-margin-for…Sher, R. (2014). Where There’s No Margin for Toxic Leadership. Harvard Business Review, Digital Articles, 2-3.Managerial Decision MakingSix Decision Stages in Chapter 5Week #3:I. Identify and Diagnose the ProblemConsider the following questions when identifying and diagnosing the problem:Is there a difference between what is actually happening and what should be happening?
How can you describe the deviation, as specifically as possible?
What is/are the cause (s) of the deviation?
What specific goals should be met?
Which of these goals are absolutely critical to the success of the decision
Are there any ethical considerations?
Develop a diagram or flow chart to graphically illustrate the problem
Identify all of the stakeholders this problem impacts
Consider content in Chapter 3 – The Organizational Environment and Culture and Chapter 4 – Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
II. Generate Alternative Solutions (3) or moreConsider ready-made solutions or innovative solutions
Identify 3 possible alternatives to address the problem
Conduct research on other companies and the alternatives they implemented to address the problem.
Consider the content discussed in Chapter 15-Innovating and Changing
Format Guidelines-Table of Contents-List the stage – followed by the discussion in essay format; incorporate tables, graphs, or charts to illustrate your points that YOU have created. DO not cut and paste tables, graphs, or charts from external sources.-Include content from the textbook and (5) external sources as APA in-text citations-Separate References page (minimum of (6) sources)
Requirements: 3 pages   |   .doc file

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