What does your experience say about the privileges and/or discriminations you face every day?

At the start of 2021, things seemed pretty overwhelming. The January 6th Insurrection Attempt was fresh in our minds and the vaccination campaign had barely just begun. We transitioned to a new President, kinda peacefully, and the deepening challenges ahead were as yet unknown. at the start of 2022, vaccinations and boosters are well underway in America, and we’re past the year anniversary of the insurrections. But as is so evident in the news cycle, the implications of that fateful day on January 6, 2021 continue to reverberate (more on that below).
So as we start the Spring 2022 Semester, let’s first look back one year to the start of 2021 amidst the ongoing (and seemingly never-ending!) COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis, Political Turmoils, and Racial Inequalities of our country so we can think about and share our experiences related NOT ONLY to the COVID-19 pandemic BUT ALSO to the other major problems we’re grappling with AND how it relates to our personal and societal experiences.
Step Two – Discuss!
To what extent do you think Ken Burns’ claims about the historic implications of these “three viruses” are actually playing out in American Society now, today, a full year+ later? Where do you see evidence in agreement – or disagreement – with the author?  Discuss at least TWO of the areas discussed in the article and what you see.
What impact has ANY of these three “viruses” — COVID, racism, conspiracy theories — had on your life and family, since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic in March 2020 thru now, January 2022? What changes, challenges, or problems have you experienced, and how much OR how little have these problems changed your life? What does your experience say about the privileges and/or discriminations you face every day?
Instructions for Posting to the Discussion
You’ll make THREE contributions to this discussion total.
You’ll answer BOTH of my questions as outlined above (first two posts or can be combined into one – answering both questions counts as your first TWO contributions).
these are the links
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