What are your personal reactions to the structure of CBT?

The reflection question in chapter 6 asks, Why is it important to help clients identify their values, aspirations, and goals? Please answer this reflection question. Additionally, what do you think is important to set the stage for clients to share this information with you?
What are your personal reactions to the structure of CBT?
Identify your thoughts in your reflection.
Identify your feelings in your reflection.
Provide a reflection about the role of Socratic questioning after reviewing the document in week 2 folder and video in week 3 folder.https://youtu.be
use links below

Exampl The values, aspirations, and goals of a client are important to determine as a clinician. One of the reasons for this is that it will help you set an agenda. You need to know what the client wants to achieve by the end of your time together so you know how to format the sessions. Everyone’s values and goals are different. However, when an individual believes they are not living up to their potential based on the aspirations they have assigned value to, it may cause them to think of themselves as a disappointment.
In order for a client to feel comfortable sharing this information, however, the clinician must establish a trusting relationship with the client and use Socratic questioning. Socratic questioning allows the client to discover their aspirations and values in a way that is facilitated by the social worker. I found Socratic questioning a discreet way of getting the client to summarize their feelings in their own words. While reading the probing questions, I noticed that they questioned alternatives to the client’s automatic beliefs. Rather than invalidating the schemas clients may have by challenging them, Socratic questioning offers other ways of thinking about the situation. Finally, summarizing questions in a Socratic question format allows the client to synthesize their thoughts and organize the new perspectives they have explored.

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