What are the Five Pillars of Islam?

Hemeyer, (Text) Chapters: 8,9,11.
A 3 page paper on your choice of the following: Pick one
2. What are the Five Pillars of Islam? (I need to see page numbers from the text. ) Text and relevant website: www.muslimamericansociety.org (Links to an external site.)
Include one paragraph that summarizes the Video. the audio recording is the video
I need to see page numbers from either book. You can use short, pithy quotes from the text followed by the page number in parenthesis or just cite the page numbers from the text at the end of a paragraph also placed in parenthesis. Also, include a large paragraph on the Video Lecture.
Double-space with 11 or 12 size Times New Roman font. No excessive spacing between paragraphs, wide margins, etc.
Papers must reflect the readings in the text. You cannot pass the class without the text. There are two ways to show that you have read the text: the use of page numbers and the use of short, pithy quotes taken from the text that help to summarize what you have read. I need to see page numbers from the text in your papers.
Use in-text parenthetical citations for quotes (Text, p.30. etc.) or simply cite the online resource material that you used.
Longer is always better than shorter.
Any act of academic dishonesty such as copying another paper or plagiarism results in instant failure of the class. (Unfortunately, this has happened too many times!)
Since this is a very large online class, late work is not accepted–except in dire, documented emergencies. NOTE: The class assignments are generously spaced out due to being a ‘C’ class. You have double the time allotted for the same class that is offered in 7.5 weeks.

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