What are the definitions of a policy, a procedure, and rules and regulations?

You’re expected to choose and address 2 questions out of the total 4 questions in essay format
Write only question number (Don’t copy and paste questions)
Length: at least 2 pages (at least one-page long answer per question)
1. What are the definitions of a policy, a procedure, and rules and regulations?
2. Why are they necessary in police agencies? What are their relationship and role vis-à-vis police discretion?
3. What is meant by community-oriented policing and problem solving, and what are the components of the problem-solving process? What are the primary responsibilities of executive, management, and supervisory personnel under COPPS?
3. How does CompStat function, and how is it revolutionizing law enforcement management and practice?
4. How is the performance of chiefs and sheriffs evaluated? Are there other, better criteria that could be used?

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