What are some ways an artist uses appropriation to contend with identity?

What are some ways an artist uses appropriation to contend with identity? Look at an artist from the 1970s or later who uses appropriative tactics to explore gender, sexual, ethnic, national, or religious identity. How does the artist use appropriation to illuminate this aspect or aspects? Consider the reception if possible. If you choose an artist from another country or in a diaspora, examine how colonialism or post-colonialism did or did not factor into the appropriation the artist utilizes. The artist you select must have exhibited at a major metropolitan art museum. Please use a specific example and its features to support your response.
Artist: masami teraoka
Link https://blogs.chapman.edu/collections/2017/03/16/masami-teraoka-2/

Updating Ukiyo-Prints and Medieval Art with Allusions to Fast Food and US Politics

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