Translate to an algebraic expression

1. Translate to an algebraic expression: Seven more than twice the sum of A and B,
2. a, Translate the following sentence into a math question: 29% of what number is 493?
b. Solve the equation that you created that you created in part a of this problem.
c, Translate the following sentence into a match equation: What percent of 90 is 36?
d, Solve the equation that you created in part of this problem.
e. Fill in the blank —% of 90 is 36.
3. The side length of a square is 2/3meters.Fill in the blanks. Showing works.
a. the perimeter of this square is ——– meters.
b. The area of this square is ———- meters,
4.Solve the equation: 8/3 +1/2A=5 (Multiply both sides by a special number).
5. Use the appropriate order of operations to simplify the expression: 2(-7) ^2-8(divide)2^2 Note :96 is not the answer because teacher give me 2.5 of 3pts.

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