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In this assignment, you will craft three potential research questions for your research problem.
Now that you have chosen your resources and examined the influence of the methodologies and data-collection types on research, it’s time to use your resources to craft research questions. In Project Three: Research Questions, which is due in Module Eight, you will need to create a research question that addresses a particular research problem and explain your development process. To prepare yourself to explain your development process, think about your research problem, not a specific study, and then complete the following:
Crafting Questions
Craft research questions that would require the researcher to use a particular research methodology. Complete each of the following:
Craft a qualitative research question.
Be sure your research question captures your research problem and requires using a qualitative approach to answer the question.
Craft a quantitative research question.
Be sure your research question captures your research problem and requires using a quantitative approach to answer the question.
Craft a mixed-methodology research question.
Be sure your research question captures your research problem and requires using a mixed-methodology approach to answer the question.
Examination of Questions
Now that you have crafted a research question that would require a particular research methodology, answer each of the following to help choose which research question you will examine further in Project Three in Module Eight:
Which research question do you think best captures the research problem you would like to explore?
Remember: You’re not actually performing this research study—you’re just thinking about the research question that you would like to dig into if you were going to conduct a research study.
Does one of your research questions seem to represent the types of research questions in your field of study more than the others?
Is there anything you noticed about the creation of these research questions? Was there something that surprised you in their creation? What stood out to you as you were crafting each question?
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Craft a qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology research question about a specific research problem.
Examine research questions in order to select a complex question.

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