Sustainability Assessment Rather than a SWOT, create a (A-F) ranking/grading system

Sustainability Assessment
Rather than a SWOT, create a (A-F) ranking/grading system using these specific 6 sustainability indictors: transparency, emissions, water & chemicals, materials, workers’ rights, and waste. Based on the competitors in section B that you identified, take 1-2 competitors that does better than your brand and 1-2 competitors that ranks worse than your brand – and score them as well. So, you should have a minimum of 3 companies you are ranking in your sustainability assessment (maximum 5). Remember, we want to know how a company stacks up against “best practices.”
This section has 2 parts: First part, create an actual chart ranking your company along with their competitors. Second part, explain giving specific examples on why you ranked/graded each company the way you did – what was your methodology and proof.

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