Summarize the effects of Medicaid expansion.

Required Reading:
Shoen, C., Davis, K., Willink, A., & Buttorf, C. (2018). A policy option to enhance access and affordability for Medicare’s low income beneficiaries. The Commonwealth Fund. (Links to an external site.)
Mazurenko, O., Balio, C.P., Agarwal, R., Carroll, A.E. & Menachem, N. (2018). The effects of medicaid expansion under the ACA: A systematic review. Health Affairs, 37(6). 944-950 Medicaid Expansion systematic review.pdf Download Medicaid Expansion systematic review.pdf
Brookings Institute (2021) Scoring government policies for racial equity. (Links to an external site.)
Answer the following questions:
ALL answers must be prefaced with the question you are answering!
1) What did you learn from the article on using policy to increase access and affordability to Medicare for low income beneficiaries.
2) Summarize the effects of medicaid expansion. Explore and reflect on the state of health in low income residents of states that have not expanded Medicaid.
3) Discuss the idea of scoring government policies for racial equity. Do you support this idea, if so why? Do you disagree with this idea, if so why?
Grading criteria:
1. All questions are answered
2. Questions are answered both depth and breadth
3. Answers are clear, accurate and logical
4. Answers are based on factual information found in the assignment and not opinion only
5. Sources are cited in the answers and a reference list is included (if appropriate)
6. Assignment answers are posted to canvas on time
7. ALL answers must be prefaced with the question you are answering!

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