select which area of sports PR you would like to work in or have an interest in.

Assignment Summary:
For the assignment, select which area of sports PR you would like to work in or have an interest in. Choose from college, a pro team, a professional league office/sports sanctioning body (i.e. the NFL or NASCAR), a facility, (like Jon M. Huntsman Center or Fenway Park), a brand such as Adidas or Athleta, individual athlete or broadcast entity such as ESPN.
For whichever one you choose, please give at least three reasons for your selection (you must write this in third person, ex: the reason for this selection is…), as well as some of the downside you might see with that selection or what makes some of the other ones less appealing. This should not be a paper about why you love a team or brand.
Be sure to cite examples of what you learned from the book, the lectures or your own experience. Citation must be in APA format.
Feel free to get specific with the assignment by choosing a favorite team, athlete, brand, league, etc that you would like to work for or with.
Once you have selected your team, facility, or athlete outline an idea that will promote that entity. Use these examples below as a guide:
College: Come up with an idea to promote an individual athlete (i.e. for a Heisman Trophy or award)
Pro team, sanctioning body, facility: An idea to sell tickets
Brand: An idea to generate positive publicity by leveraging a brand’s sports sponsorship
League: An idea to generate goodwill through the creation and execution of a community relations program
Broadcast entity: Involving fans through a unique social media program
Outline why your idea would be effective and what you would do tactically to implement it (press release, press conference, player appearance, leveraging social media, etc.).
The assignment should be 5 – 6 pages long, including the title page and references cited. Meaning I’m looking for the written material (body) to be two plus pages or more
Use APA style guidelines for the paper, so be sure to cite any outside resources.
Cite References properly both in-text and on the reference page, APA style is required, excellent grammar and spelling, Title page, Abstract page, and Headers are included in APA format. See the link under Course Tools on the Home Page for links to APA Guidelines handouts with the UVU Writing Center.
This assignment will be worth 50 points:
The paper is to be a total of 5 – 6 pages and in APA 6 format (no exceptions) – to be executed as follows:
Written in Third Person – ALL RESEARCH PAPERS should be written in third person. Points will be deducted for any paper using a reference to first or second person
A Title Page – Refer to your APA Style Guide that was required as part of your text book purchase.
An Abstract statement page – 150 word summary of what the paper will be comprised of
A minimum of 2 pages of research and discussion about your chosen topic to include an introduction, thesis statement, research to support your statement, and a conclusion statement.
A Reference page – complete with references in APA 6 format.
In-text Citation in APA 7 format – you must provide citation at the end of every sentence that uses content from a source. See the APA Handbook you were assigned to purchase with your course text packet.
12 pt. font
Double Spaced
This is to be an original paper written by you alone, any attempt to submit a paper you wrote for another class or wrote with another author is not permitted and will result in a failing grade for the assignment. Any attempt to submit another persons work as your own is plagiarism and will result in a failing grade for the course. There may be no co-authored papers submitted.

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