select 2 brief interventions that help the audience understand how to apply this theory in a clinical setting

Students will be expected to give a demonstration about an assigned theory (behavior therapy) and a resource to help guide students to learn more about the theory. This assignment is designed to enhance the student and the class’ theoretical understanding and theoretical skills that can be applied in counseling and utilized in case conceptualization reports.
Counseling Demonstration Guidelines:
Using your chosen and/or assigned theory (behavior therapy), select 2 brief interventions that help the audience understand how to apply this theory in a clinical setting. The demonstration should take no more than 15-20 minutes (including discussion). This will include:
Slide 1: Introduction to the theory & demonstration: Include a brief overview of how the theory a) views human suffering/the cause of psychopathology AND b) what kind of change needs to occur for the client in order to improve.
Slide 2: Description of the clinical scenario: Create and introduce a case study and client scenario that sets the stage for the demonstration. Please include the client’s presentation, precipitant, predisposition (based on that theory), perpetuants, and protective factors. Please include the client’s pattern and b) the 2 chosen interventions for demonstration based on the clinical scenario and why these were chosen to address the scenario.
Resource Materials:
Use the “Page” added in the order for this section: Create an electronic or hard copy resource that helps students learn more about the theory you’ve demonstrated (behavioral therapy). Please include a list of the following resources with a one-sentence description about them:
Peer-reviewed journal articles (2-4)
Books (1-2)
Websites (2-4)
Videos (2)
Please include citations*
This is the class textbook:
Corey, G. (2016). Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed). Pacific Groove, CA: Brooks Cole (CENGAGE & MindTap)
Please let me know if you need more information about the assignment.
Thank you very much 🙂

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