Rewrite Research Proposal: Hong Kong Ecosystems/Urban Environments

Rewrite Research Proposal: Hong Kong Ecosystems/Urban Environments and Public Health relationship using Geospatial Data
Need to rewrite the proposal (Attached).
My professor replies the following
A proposal should include the following components:
•          problem statement: be specific.
•          data: availability, acquisition, conversion, and other procedures.
•          methodology: be specific. If a model is used, specify the model. Functionality: what is available, and what needs to be developed?
•          implementation plan, including benchmarking points
•          expected outcomes: models, results, reports, scripts, maps, tables, etc.
Length of the proposal should be two (or more) single-spaced pages. Be specific! Proposals with a general problem statement will not be accepted.
I provide a research framework/scope only, but a student needs to narrow it down. The best way is to start reading some journal articles, and then get some specific idea.
The research must be related to Geographic Information System since my major is Geomatics. (I will using ArcGIS software, collect data from any website that I can download, for example: “””””2022 covid19 cases numbers and Location of the infected people”””” I will convert them into visual analysis, like a Map with data)
Like this Map: good sources of data about the covid-19 (I can easily collect the data from
I bought this book for this research and I will upload it.
I think this book will have everything you need.
Please relate to this book: (see attached file)
Climate Change and Urban Health The Case of Hong Kong as a Subtropical City By Emily Ying Yang Chan 1st Edition 2019
Any other sources should be from the recent 10 years papers/Journals/News, must be 2012 year and so on.
IDEA: I think you can work on COVID-19 related in Hong Kong cause there are many news pops up recently and everything is fresh.
This research will be approx. 50 pages, and if the proposal is good, I will order from you. The research needs to be finished in 1-2 month. For the research, you help me write the words, and I will do the data collection and convert them into graphic map and charts/tables using ArcGIS software for visual analysis.

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