provide 1-2 paragraphs that summarizes the information reported with correct in-text citations.

A minimum of ten references is required for this assignment.  The references may be from websites, government reports, textbooks, research articles, and other journal information or supported by scholarly documentation such as a thesis or dissertation. Using only news reports is not exceptable for the assignment. You must also include at least one research article that supports the  topic of the paper or is related to some concept pertaining to your topic. There many radiological/nuclear websources that references articles that would be acceptable. Some new information that you have discovered in your search for information that addresses your topic. Wikipedia is NOT considered scholarly documentation. Be sure to include all the following essential elements in your assignment:
1. Include a title page with your submission. It should be the same title page you used as the topic  paper. The title of your work should not be ‘Annotated Bibliography.’
2. Provide a paragraph that details the key words/phrases used to search for the references. Include the databases reviewed to find your references. Include the number of original references returned from each database or area searched.
3. Include how many of the original references returned were pertinent to your topic from each database or area searched.
For example if I selected a topic that was  on safety measures on nuclear facilities and I was using Three Mile Island to discuss this topic, I might have the key words of nuclear facilities, nuclear facilities safety measures, Three Mile Island and Three Mile Island Melt-down. I may then state that I used Google search engine applying these key words that returned over 10,000 sources with five relevant to my topic; I searched the Arkansas State library with the same key words that returned over 15 sources with 10 selected that pertained to my topic. This is only an example of how this should read. This is only an example! I have no idea about what Google or Arkansas State may or may not have regarding this topic and search terms.
4. For each reference that you intend to use, provide 1-2 paragraphs that summarizes the information reported with correct in-text citations. One sentence does not make a paragraph. This information should read like an article you are preparing.This should be a synthesis of the article; do not copy and paste sections of the article.
5. You must include the different levels of headings in the  paper. In other words, each article cited should have its own heading in this assignment.
6. You must develop a reference page using APA formatting. Any reference on your reference list should have a heading and summary paragraphs in the paper. Any reference with a heading and summary paragraphs should also be reflected in your reference list.

Annotated Bibliographies

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