Propose one compelling headline you believe the organization should add into its social media campaign.

Our readings this week discuss two concepts related to the way that messages are popularized in our culture. “Social currency” refers to our willingness to share ideas, brands and campaigns across our social networks. We are more likely to share when a message strikes an emotional chord.
Your task for this week is to identify a company or organization that you believe has been wildly successful or a wicked failure at understanding the power of social currency and emotion. You may focus on one or more of the organization’s messaging campaigns.
Write a 2-3 paragraph post where you identify the company, describe their campaign, and explain why you believe it was (or was not) successful. Refer to the course readings from this week to support your claim. As part of your post, it is your turn to start putting these ideas into practice. Propose one compelling headline you believe the organization should add into its social media campaign. Describe where the headline should be used (which platform) and why you believe it will be successful.
When you respond to others, think critically! Even if you love someone’s idea, what questions can you ask to help extend their analysis? What suggestions might you might to improve their headline?
Create a new thread using your name and your compelling headline. For example “Megy Karydes – When College Students Rule The Internet.”

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