Please review the John Hopkins Nursing Research Evidence Appraisal (JHNREA) Tool attachment.

Please review the John Hopkins Nursing Research Evidence Appraisal (JHNREA) Tool attachment. To help you navigate the tool, I have shaded areas to not use and prevent you from answering sections that do not apply. You are asked to appraise a quantitative research article of a single quantitative study for your EBP Project. That is why that section (single study) is not shaded. Do not select a systematic review, meta-analysis, any type of review article, quality improvement study or a non-research article (does not have IMRAD format) for your appraisal. Hint: if you are struggling to answer the questions using the single quantitative research study appraisal, chances are you have selected an incorrect article.
Please answer all the non-shaded questions related to the quantitative appraisal part of the form and submit as word document via the above submission link. You will also need to submit the PDF (not a link) of your study article (so I can read and analyze it too).
John Hopkins Nursing Research Evidence Appraisal Tool for Quantitative Study-1.docx Download John Hopkins Nursing Research Evidence Appraisal Tool for Quantitative Study-1.docx for a quantitative single study complete and submit this form only with your article.
Complete the Quantitative Appraisal Assignment.
Complete page one of the JHNREA tool and all non-shaded sections of the form.
Prior to submission please perform a self audit
1. Is this a research article? Refer back to week one. Does it have the IMRAD format?
2. Is this a single study quantitative research article related to my EBP research question and not a quality improvement study (level V)? Refer back to the method comparison assignment.
3. Did I submit a completed appraisal form as a word document? Are ALL non-shaded sections completed?
4. Did I identify the evidence level using the John Hopkin’s evidence level guide? Hint: if this study did not conduct an experiment it is not a level I or II but a level III as long as it is quantitative in design and not a literature review/meta analysis or a QI project. For example a study that is looking for association is usually correlational in design and does not conduct an intervention or experiment so it is a level III.
5. Did I identify the quality appraisal rating for example A High ?
6. Did I complete the section about EBP findings related to my EBP research question?
7. Did I submit the research article as a PDF I appraised, so the professor can grade this assignment? The assignment will not be graded until this action has been taken.
When you receive your grade for this assignment please view my comments. I will be providing formative comments related to assignments throughout this course. It is important you can view them. This sheet explains the steps you take to see my comments.

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