NFL in response to concerns about helmet-to-helmet contact,

1) Describe at least two specific incidents in which an act of violence from a player in a notoriously violent sport (hockey, football, rugby, and so forth) prompted sports officials, and/or the general public, to re-evaluate the violence in that particular sport. For example, think about rule changes in the NFL in response to concerns about helmet-to-helmet contact, or the types of suspensions that NHL players may be given if they fight too intensively, or too often.
2) Next, imagine a scenario in which a sport that is largely founded upon violence decides to greatly reduce, or eliminate, this aspect of its competition. (For example, imagine that the NFL has switched to flag football, or two-hand touch only.) First, how might this affect the marketability and/or profitability of such a sport? Second, explain how the removal of violence from this sport would change the meaning of the sport. (For example, would a sport with greatly reduced violence have less honor, less of a “gladiator” quality?).
3) Conclude your paper with a reflection upon whether the violence that we see in sport is a direct reflection of our admiration for violence in the greater society. For example, does violence in sport function as a type of “steam valve” in which participants and fans alike may release violent tension? Or, is the violent content of sport a mirror image of an increasingly violent society? Explain in detail.

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