mportance of innovation to build inter-professional education?

Read Chapter 3 of Textbook PDF Attached and Article 1 and Article 2 attached.
Go to the following website and read content “Interprofessional Education Within The Health System.”
View the Following Videos:
Answer the following:
1. What processes might have been used to help the curriculum committee to accept a proposal and move beyond their personal agendas, values, fears, and doubts about the importance of innovation to build inter-professional education?
2. Recognize how to apply evidenced-based leadership strategies that lead to positive outcomes in nursing and healthcare agencies.
Discussion Essay answering question above with at least three paragraphs with four sentences and at least one peer-reviewed journals within the past 5 years aside from sources and provided material. Also include citations of all the resources above, in APA 7th format. Should have a total of 7 citations.

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