literature review to objectives to planned experiments.

Need to give more *focused* details starting from title to literature review to objectives to planned experiments.
The literature review needs to include articles that cover all parts, including software such as COMSOL, that you plan to use. Also,
need to make sure to emphasize that you are setting up this simulation so undergrad ChE students can use it as an online type
experiment in the undergrad lab. Here are examples of the things that are not focused enough. IF you do a PBR you must pick a
reaction, and include literature that gives the rate expression, rate constants, equilibrium constants etc. and process conditions such
as temperature that they apply. Rate constants and expressions are not a factor of which reactor type you are in as long as you are
in the kinetic not mass transfer limited regime in a gas/solid reactor (although this may be a big assumption as typically you will be
under internal MT limitations at reasonable temperatures). You could just do flow in a packed bed, without reaction which is similar.
You need to show some literature and/or websites where people have developed this type of simulation so you can give an example
of what you are doing. Such as the Indian Universities websites I originally gave you e.g. In the
materials and methods you need to specify which software you are using e.g. COMSOL and for which parts etc.
This section needs to be detailed. Exactly what are you going to do including which reactor size, process conditions, reactions (if
you do PBR not just packed bed flow) etc. If you do packed bed flow you can still say an important application is PBRs. The
simulator is just easier to develop for packed bed flow than PBRs. your literature needs to support each aspect of what you say you
will do in the materials and methods such as give all the values for any parameter/factor you will be using in all equations you need
to complete the project. And you need to say how you will test it e.g. what output will you plot and what will you compare it to to
show it is credible output (e.g. literature results or theory).
You should add some chapters: Results & Discussion, Conclusion, Abstract, Acknowledgement.

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