Is your thesis absolutely, crystal clear?

Both Confucius and Zhuangzi see human society as fundamentally out of alignment with the structure of the world. They differ radically, however, in WHY they think society is out of alignment with the world, and in the solutions that they propose.  In this paper, I want you to articulate what you think the key difference between Confucius and Zhuangzi is.
This assignment is due at midnight on the Saturday at the end of Week 5.
Instructions & Paper Format
In almost all circumstances, it is best for you to follow traditional academic essay structure.  This means that your essay should have a short opening paragraph, with a clear thesis at the end.  Then a couple paragraphs in the body, each of which makes a clear point in support of your overall thesis and each of which backs up that point with evidence.  Finally, your paper should have a brief conclusion in which you recap the arguments made over the course of the paper, restating your thesis in the process.  Remember that this is a short paper, so while you need to make sure you have a clear thesis, do not waste space with unnecessarily long introductions or conclusions!
You may find this structure constraining, or feel that you can do something more creative.  Most of the time, however, attempts to modify this essay structure are not effective, so while I want you to be creative, I also want to encourage you to stick to this traditional format.  If you feel like you have a really great idea for a paper organized in a different way, please feel free to write to me and explain your idea.
Submission Details
Upload your document as a .doc or .pdf document.
Grading Criteria
See grading rubric, below. When I grade these papers, I look for a variety of things.  These include technical writing skills (grammar, spelling, citations), content accuracy, and persuasive structure.  Remember that your paper is an argument.  That is, you are making a claim (this is your thesis) and then trying to persuade a reader that that claim is correct.
5 points: Thesis
Is your thesis absolutely, crystal clear? Of somewhat less importance, is your thesis creative and original?
20 points: Argument and Structure
This is the most important part of your paper. In this category, I assess how well you support your claims. Are you convincing? Does each paragraph have a point? Does your overall argument flow from one point to another?
10 points: Content Accuracy
Are the things you say true, or are you making things up?
5 points: Grammar and Spelling
Do you spell words correctly? Do you use correct grammar?
5 points: Writing Style
How good is your writing? This category is beyond simple spelling and grammar, and looks at the overall quality of your writing. Do you write clearly and concisely? Do your sentences flow from to the next? Are you repetitive?
5 points: Citations
This category is about technical accuracy. Do your citations and bibliography correctly follow the appropriate format?
50 points: On time and complete
Is the paper turned in on time and of adequate length? Is it, on a basic level, on topic?

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