Identify which of the following Basel 4 implementation timelines you believe regulators will select

You have now been retained by the Chair of the Board Risk Committee at a large German bank that operates branches in several European Union countries. She noted that the bank has put Basel 4 implementation planning “on the shelf” for the last two years as it has been operating almost perpetually in crisis mode since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. She is nervous that the bank is unprepared for the new requirements and noted that management suspended analysis of Basel 4’s potential impacts on business operations and financial performance, with no immediate plans to reengage the initiative. While the bank has been persevering through the impacts of COVID, she is worried that the new regulatory requirements will result in unexpected surprises that will exacerbate the bank’s struggles. She believes it is time to reboot Basel 4 implementation efforts. Given your intimate knowledge of the changes contemplated under Basel 4, she wants to know how much of her concerns are valid, and whether it is time for the Board to confront management about the issue.
She has asked you to prepare a report:
Identify which of the following Basel 4 implementation timelines you believe regulators will select and discuss how it meets the regulatory objectives of addressing competitive neutrality, cost effectiveness, transparency, and flexibility.
Keep the effective date at January 1, 2023 for all components of Basel 4.
Move the effective date to January 1, 2024 for all components of Basel 4.
Require partial implementation at January 1, 2023 with full implementation required by January 1, 2024.
Research: You were able to demonstrate a high level understanding of the changes contemplated by Basel 4 and how they materially differ from Basel 3. You were able to cite appropriate references that support the descriiptions provided.
Analysis: You were able to assess the impact of Basel 4 changes on bank capital requirements, operational performance, and the competitive landscape. Your findings are supported by a combination of references cited and your understanding of how this information would impact various aspects of banking operations. Your determination of the best implementation scenario contemplates the work required by banks to achieve compliance and is supported by your research and understanding of the Basel 4 framework.

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