Identify the relationship between entities using a triangle or diamond shape.

Create an ERM diagram from a business or company you are familiar with. Some examples of entities are:
Netflix Movie streaming service. Entities include available movies, genre, customers and rentals.
Student Course Registrations. Entities such as students, courses, professors, and classrooms are involved.
Flight Database. Entities such as airplanes, flights, airports and pilots are involved.
Ensure your ERM has at least three entities. We recommend that you use Lucidchart to create your ERM. Within the Lucidchart website, select ERD as the template. There are a lot of premium features that come with your BU email. Leverage them in the future in your other courses. (max. 4 points)
Task 1-2: Ensure to identify the Primary Key for each entity. Identify the foreign keys where needed.
Task 1-3: Identify the relationship between entities using a triangle or diamond shape. Please describe this relationship.
Task 1-4: Identify the cardinalities for each relationship. (max. 1 point)
Task 1-5: Write 1 pages describing the transaction that you’ve modelled, relationship between entities and the cardinalities identified. All submissions must use the APA format. (max. 3 points)

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