Identify and label the renewable and non-renewable resources in your illustration

Module 2 primarily deals with ecosystems and the interactions found within them. For this assignment you will create a visual display of an ecosystem and a one page (double-spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman, MS Word) description of what you illustrated. From the module, you should now know that ecosystems can be as large as the earth or as small as a pond. You get the opportunity to select whatever size of an ecosystem you would like for this assignment.
Assignment Requirements
The specific requirements are as follows:
The manner in which you illustrate the ecosystem is up to you. You can create an image using PowerPoint, MS Word, Paint, etc. You can also hand draw the image and convert (scan and save) it into a PDF if you have the capability. You will not be graded on your artistic ability. Illustration must be created by you. It cannot be a single copied image from the internet. Personal photos can be utilized; however, keep in mind you must identify and label your resources on your illustration.
Identify and label the renewable and non-renewable resources in your illustration.
A one page detailed written description of the illustration.
Grading Rubric
The grade detail is as follows:
Illustration is labeled, neat, legible and adequate (meets specifications identified above) – 30 points
Creativity – 10 points
Correctly labeled renewable and non-renewable resources in the illustration – 20 points
One page description that further elaborates on the illustration – 40 points total (see point break down below)
Professionalism (grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.) – 10 points
Content – 30 points
As far as the actual picture of the ecosystem whatever works for you the easiest is good with me. preferably if your good with MS word or paint or anything online would be good.
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Discipline: Natural resources and environment

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