Identify a relevant issue affecting your firm and its stakeholders

Business, Government, and Society (BGS) – Company Analysis
As future managers, your goals should include taking the information presented in class and applying it to real world situations and current events. Management is an art in that the underlying principles and foundational theories can be taught, but it is only through personal experience that you will gain a true understanding of the concepts. To give you further insight into the BGS topics and frameworks, you will complete a practical application of key concepts.
First, please choose a for-profit firm that you are interested in analyzing. Because you will need to research and find information on your firm in order to adequately complete the assignment, please choose a well-known private firm or a publicly traded firm. In general, more information will be available for public companies.
Second, choose one of the below analyses to complete.
Option 1 – Stakeholder Analysis
Identify a relevant issue affecting your firm and its stakeholders. For example, your firm may have announced that it is adopting a new technology or making an acquisition. Or, perhaps a competitor’s announcement or government policy will affect your firm’s strategy going forward. If you can’t find a relevant issue, identify a hypothetical issue. In your PowerPoint presentation, you should review the issue that you identified.
Next, conduct a stakeholder analysis based on the issue you identified. In your PowerPoint presentation, you should present and discuss your key stakeholders and your stakeholder map. This should include an overview of key stakeholders (e.g., how they affect and are affected by the firm) and an explanation of why you positioned them the way you did on your map.
Based on your research and analysis, you should present a management plan. In other words, what advice would you give the executives for managing this issue while continuing to create value for key stakeholders? *Make sure you watch the stakeholder analysis video lecture and read the relevant textbook chapters.
My expectation is that you go into depth on each aspect of the stakeholder analysis to demonstrate that you’ve researched the issue/company and have critically thought through your analysis and recommendations. That is, surface level analyses will receive lower grades. See the rubric on Canvas.

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