Identify 10 “gaps” in the world that could be addressed by innovation.

Identify 10 “gaps” in the world that could be addressed by innovation. By “gap” I mean a raw opportunity as you’ve first conceived it. Don’t worry about how you might address the gap.
You will probably find that you will benefit from this basic process:
Capture any top-of-mind ideas or things you’ve been working on already.
Read Innovation Tournaments: Chapters 2 and 3, Venture Design: Chapter 3
For the purposes of this course, the most valuable gaps are those that are felt acutely by 25-35 year-old professionals (so you can “use yourselves” as representative customers). So if you have the luxury of more than 10 ideas, go ahead and screen them with that criterion.
Note that at this point you are looking for the “gap” — the “pain point”– and not necessarily for a solution concept. Focus on finding the pain. We’ll work on solutions later.
Once you have a master list of at least 10 ideas, go ahead and submit them here as plain text. All you need is a one sentence description of each idea.

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