How was the productivity of older workers impacted by remote work during the covid-19 pandemic?

I have attached the template so the questions can be done in the correct order.
Getting Started. For your first assignment you need to decide on a research question.
Assignment One:
Your first assignment in this class is to develop a research question. You will research this question and write a literature review as your capstone project on this class
The Topic is below:
Organizational justice
Remember that these are topics and not research questions. You will need to explore your topic and then create a research question pertaining to the topic you selected.
Step 2: Conduct preliminary research:
In order to create your research question, you will need to do some preliminary research within the academic database accessed through the UHD library. You may start by just entering the topic into the search bar. Likely you will come up with far too many sources.
Limit your reading to recently published material and perhaps one or two influential works on the topic. The goal here is to familiarize yourself with key issues or debates in academic writing on the topic.
Reading in order to develop a research question is different from reading in order to answer it. Focus on the main ideas and arguments (these are usually found in the introduction and the conclusion). You don’t need to read every word or take down extensive notes at this stage.
Step 3: Narrow your topic:
Having conducted some preliminary research, you should now be in a position to narrow down your topic.
In most cases you will need to narrow down your focus to a specific issue or debate within the broader topic. This is because it is much more effective to cover a single issue or dimension of a topic in depth than to skim the surface of several.
There are several ways that you might go about narrowing down your topic:
Think about the subtopics, specific issues, and key debates that exist within the broader topic.
Think about the value of focusing on a particular group of individuals (e.g. nurses, construction workers, managers etc)
Think about focusing on a particular business sector (eg. Education, healthcare, tech, etc)
Think about how your topic relates to other issues (eg, job satisfaction, salary, gender, etc)
Think about what you want to say in your review. What are the key points and arguments that interest you? What do you want to say about these point, arguments, or debates? Which subtopic, timeframe or other limitation would allow you to make these points in the most effective way?
Consider organizing your thought in a table similar to the one shown below
Your Broad Topic
Possible related issues
Why? Potential value? What would be learned from this
Factor 1
Factor 2
Factor 3
Remote Work
Productivity of remote workers?
Why? Potential value? What would be learned from this
Covid 19 pivoted many to remote work
Many workers suddenly working from home. Would allow me to explore how different workers were impacted.
Relevant individuals impacted
Men and women
Men and women both has to work from home but women often had more at home responsibilities outside of work
Worker age
Business sector
Worker SES
Older worker may have less tech savvy and also fewer young children
The nature of work in some sectors may be more conducive to remote work
Lower SES workers may lack resources needed for remote work
Step 4: Write your question
Now that you have narrowed down your topic you can turn your attention to the wording of your research question.
The research question must outline a clear task that you will need to complete.
In general, however, a good research question requires you to analyze an issue or problem. How and why questions are therefore more useful than what or describe questions.
Here are some examples based on the table above
How was the productivity of older workers impacted by remote work during the covid-19 pandemic?
How did men and women adapt to remote work during the covid- 19 pandemic?
Step 5: Make sure you have enough sources to respond to your question:
List at least 7 potential sources providing information relevant to your topic
At least five of these sources need to be primary research articles. An annotated research artilce can be found below. This will help you identify research articles and analyze their content.

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