how many people are working there and what is the current situation with the budgeting process

I have written a draft proposal and shared with my supervisor and in the attached file his comments, now I want you to help me using his comments to refine the topic and write the dissertation by using the report structure shared by the university. this shows what should be in each chapter. I also need to identify a research method to support my topic (e.g. interview, questionnaire or survey) which ever suites my topic the best. is it a quantitative analysis ? please use the draft copy as a basis and refer to my supervisor comments.
we should involve stakeholder
I had a discussion with my supervisor and the report is so academic. He is looking for a research report based on a practical example.
the way it should be written is that we identify a work base challenge and we should solve this challenge. within Qatar Museums we are reviewing the planning and budgeting g processes in which we want to improve,
at the moment, it is a traditional literature review and it should be related to Qatar museums. is Qatar doing that currently and are there particular more challenging than others. we need to come back to the discussion and how these things relate to Qatar Museums
within the guidance, for the literature review we should provide the organisational context for the company e.g. how many people are working there and what is the current situation with the budgeting process and that is the fundamental starting point for the discussion, then we move to the aim and objectives
the literature review is very external, with regards to internal dialogue as well, we should more focus on stakeholder prospective, (are they supporting , are there prospectives the same, are they more specific in what they are looking for ) that is the dialogue is very important of identifying the fundamental problem that we are looking to solve. it should a combination of the both external and internal
the guidance is not followed,
at work, we don’t really focus on literature review, we basically identify a problem and how do you fix it and that what we are trying to apply. please follow the guidance to complete the project.
what we are trying to solve is that to what does this mean to Qatar museums, all aspects of project should fall back to this question
the thesis should be based on real life case (research ) and not academic

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