How “future” technology has changed in each series and if any of it has come to be true.

For this paper you will have to watch an episode of Star Trek from four different generations of
Star Trek. The episodes you need to watch:
Star Trek The Original Series (1966): Episode 2: The Man Trap
Star Trek The Next Generation (1987): Episode 1: Encounter at Farpoint
Star Trek Deep Space Nine (1993): Episode 1: Epissary
Star Trek Enterprise (2001): Episode 1: Broken Bow
In the paper you will have to discuss:
•How “future” technology has changed in each series and if any of it has come to be true. •What social issues the series address and how do they change over time.
•The personalities and purposes of the main characters.
Please include an introduction that explains what Star Trek is about and some background information. Please include a strong thesis argument that highlights what you will be writing about in the paper. The thesis statement must old airport road, street 6, first villa on the right, near al Noor Hospital the questions above. You need to refer to the thesis throughout the paper. Please use examples from the episodes to back up your claims. In the conclusion, refer back to the thesis statement and explain the continuing popularity of the series.
I attached a rubric, and a document with instructions. I also uploaded some texts that you can refer to in the paper. The Star Trek episodes are available on Netflix.

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