How efficiently does Hubble acquire and retain customers?

1. Evaluate Hubble’s current business model.
A. Identify their STP and KPIs.
B. What do you think is their best avenue for growth going forward?
C. Would you invest in this fundraising round? What are your biggest pros and cons?
2. How efficiently does Hubble acquire and retain customers?
A. What do they do well and what needs improvement?
B. Should Hubble continue to spend the bulk of its budget on reaching new customers or reallocate some of that spending to retarget those who have already been exposed to its ads?
3. Evaluate the Hubble’s use of online versus offline marketing channels.
A. What is the role of offline and online advertising in Hubble’s customer acquisition?
B. As of April 2018, Hubble was allocating 78% of its advertising spend to online channels and 22% to offline channels (i.e., TV, radio, podcast, direct mail). Is this appropriate? If not, how would you adjust it?
This write-up should be short (try not to exceed 2 pages single-spaced or 4 pages double-spaced).
Please include any calculations, figures, or spreadsheets as exhibits (material appended to the end of the write-up that does not count against your page limit).
Label your exhibits clearly (e.g., A, B, C, etc., with a descriiptive title) and reference the relevant exhibits in the text of your write-up where the analysis is relevant.

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