“how are people of colour represented in the Assassin’s Creed franchise?”

Come up with your own research project for the final assignment! Topics can be related to any aspect of games, play, the game industry, game culture, or other related issues, expanding on the material covered in class, as long as they are grounded in media/cultural studies approaches (avoid topics better suites to psychology or business classes, please). Make it something that you find genuinely interesting and want to learn more about!
Your essay proposal should be a fully-written paragraph or two (not point form or outline) describing in detail what you plan to write about, the method or approach you plan to take, and some possible key points or examples. You must have a clear research question you plan to pursue, the more specific the better – a broad argument about games in general be less convincing than a focused analysis of a particular case study. For example, you could ask “how are people of colour represented in the Assassin’s Creed franchise?” or “how is professional esports changing the design of fighting games?” or even more specific aspects of these questions. Since you are just starting your project, a thesis is not required, but you may include a preliminary thesis or argument if you have developed one based on your research so far. If you have trouble thinking of a topic, feel free to contact me.
As you prepare your proposal, you should also start to do secondary source research on your topic, and include a preliminary reading list of at least 6 academic articles, books, and other sources not included in the course readings you plan to read (you may include course readings as additional sources as well). Sources should be legitimate, reliable, and from relevant fields of study, such as game studies, media studies, communication studies, film studies, cultural studies, internet studies, etc. (use the list of relevant game studies journals on the syllabus as a starting point). I will provide feedback on proposals and reading lists to help you continue your research and develop it further.
Be sure to cite your sources properly and include a Works Cited page. Submit as a PDF (double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, 2.54cm margins) via Quercus Portal.
OPTIONAL: I am open to the possibility of alternative/creative formats for the final project (such as a video essay or playable game), but you must consult with me for approval in advance, before submitting your proposal.
Here are some links of relevant game studies journals on the syllabus:

Volume IX, Issue II




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