How are biopharmaceuticals distributed and how does this relate to drug administration?

Learning Goal: I’m working on a nursing and need to help me learn.Austin KnurrBiopharmaceuticals are rarely prescribed as pure chemical entities. Still, they are transformed and packed to ensure the safe and effective delivery of the drug to a patient. Powdered drugs are usually distributed in the form of tablets, and this is the most convenient, accessible, and easy to use dosage form. The powdered biopharmaceuticals are compressed with excipients that bind the tablet for it to be easy in handling and shipping and to facilitate dissolution when it is consumed.Another common dosage form for biopharmaceuticals is capsules that are similar to tablets as they also contain extra ingredients for the process of manufacture or to mask the unpleasant taste. There are two types of capsules: covered with hard gelatin or soft gelatin and filled with powder, granules, pellets, or a liquid. Other solid forms of distribution of biopharmaceuticals are powders, lozenges, and suppositories, which present a mixture of active components with excipients and are sold in the form of special papers or solid mass. For example, suppositories are intended for introduction into the rectum or vagina, and they are produced in the solid dosage form that melts at body temperature. Liquid biopharmaceuticals are usually made in the form of solutions or suspensions of the active component in water or alcohol with the addition of flavors and coloring agents that improve acceptance.Biopharmaceuticals have accessible, simple, and convenient dosage forms that do not differ from other drugs. Both nurses and patients would have no trouble in administering them following prescriptions and standard safety guidelines for drugs.Academic.Tips. (2021, August 4). How are biopharmaceuticals distributed and how does this relate to drug administration? Retrieved from…REPLYKK
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