Find a topic and then a metaphor that describes that topic.

The assignment asks writers to get in touch with their inner poet. Find a topic and then a metaphor that describes that topic. For instance, in one of the sample papers, the author compares himself to a pine tree. He discusses his tough life and the fact that he is not flashy like trees with colorful leaves. In describing his life and disappointments, the author uses the metaphor–the pine tree–as a way to better expand his readers’ understanding of his life and emotions. This is the reason writers use metaphors. They help to enhance the vision of a topic. In this assignment, writers are asked to do an extended metaphor, which means the metaphor is a thread that runs throughout the fabric of the paper. Find a unique metaphor–something that is specific to you or a special entity in your life. I like the image of the night light in the second sample paper. It captures the small but consistent image of power and hope. Originality is SO important. Uncover a unique bird or flower–a image that provides more detail into the development of your main topic. Feel free to write about yourself or a loved one.

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