explain whether high school sports should be privatized.

For communities in difficult economic situations, high school athletic budgets continue to decline. A proposed solution is for privatization (i.e., outsourcing high school sports to private sector clubs). Is this an appropriate solution? What is the economic impact on the community from privatization? How will student athletes be affected by such a decision?
For this week’s Assignment, you will consider whether high school sports should be privatized as well as the positive and negative externalities (i.e., costs or benefits), of the debate. As you formulate your opinion, research the topic on SBJ, as well as in other resources from the UM Library, and review the Sport Industry Delivery handout in the Learning Materials for this week.
In a 1- to 2-page paper, explain whether high school sports should be privatized. In your explanation, include what positive and negative externalities exist in the debate.
Support your response with concrete examples from your personal experience, observations and the Learning Materials. Be sure to use proper APA citations in your paper where appropriate.

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