explain reasons why toys are important for children of all ages

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Toy evaluation: for this activity you will review an age appropriate toy for an infant or toddler up to 3 years of age the toy your select should meet criteria for all 3 developmental domains physical cognitive and social emotional. The cost of the toy should not exceed $10 .00. Please include a picture of the toy you have selected. Remember the best toy don’t have to be electronic or expensive. In your summary 2 pages minimum in length discuss the following: 1: what age group does the manufacturer recommend infant toddler or both . Cost? Is it gender neutral suitable for both boy and girl what makes this toy choice gender neutral? 2: comment on the overall safety of the toy (sharp edges small part chewable breakable electronic etc. explain any potential safety concerns not mentioned by the manufacturer which you may personally observe.3: describe how your toy fits into each developmental domain: physical cognitive social emotional.4: appeal of toy: what makes this toy appealing stimulating to a young child? Why tis this toy a good choice? Have you personally observed a child playing with this toy ? If so, comment on the reactions of the child . 5: explain reasons why toys are important for children of all ages.6: Summarize your findings. This is all about this paper .

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