Explain how constitutional policing forms the foundation of community policing

Many police agencies now look at their culture in a new light, developing policies and practices that advance constitutional goals, protect citizens’ rights, and provide equal protection under the law.
Answer all five questions below. Responses should be at least 250 words each, with examples and citations as needed.
1-Explain how constitutional policing forms the foundation of community policing.
2-Discuss how everyone within an agency, from patrol officers up through chiefs may contribute to police legitimacy, creating a community more willing to cooperate with the police and to accept the outcome of their interactions with the police.
3-Explain how social media is being used to allow a two-way conversation between the police and the community. Give appropriate examples.
4-Some city officials suggest the police should reach out to community leaders, meet with civic organizations in an effort to diversify their administration to enhance and fortify relationships. Discuss the benefits and/or drawbacks this has for community policing.
5-Citizen review boards allow citizens to play a key role in investigating and overseeing police activities. However, some argue that civilians are not qualified to judge whether a police officer followed its agency’s rules or the law. Take a pro or con stance on citizen review boards and explain the benefit or drawback of their use.
Provide examples to support your position.
Within your response cite specific examples to support your position. This paper should be 2-3 pages in length.

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