enterprising health information system in the Jordanian healthcare industry

I need a research paper with the title “enterprising health information system in the Jordanian healthcare industry: review paper”
I need the following requirements please:
I need 10 pages
The similarity should not exceed 10% in Turnitin (no plagiarism)
The reference style to be used is Harvard style
The research paper should include a new contribution (research gap) to the body of literature that formed the guide of this research paper
please I want a qualified writer specializing in this field as soon as possible.
I will send files as examples that may help the writer in writing my paper
The sections of this Research paper are:
1. Abstract
2. Introduction (short introduction)
3. Literature review: summarizing the contents for well-published articles from old to the recently published articles covering and explaining the main issues in the topic above by using a critical thinking style and comparing between the contents of articles.
4. create a table: summarizing each article which used in this research paper: this table should include the following:
Name of Paper
Name of author
Year of the published article
The objectives of each article
Contributions (research gap) for each article
The content of the study of each article
Type of literature used like narrative or systemic ……..etc,
Methodology for each article
Methods used to analyze in each article
Result of the study (arguments) for each article
Limitation for each article
Conclusion for each article
Future work for each article
5. Discussions: discuss the results for all the articles that used in this research paper and explain which type of methodology is better than others with strong justifications and which type of analysis is better than others based on a strong justification. After that write, a paragraph explaining the personal opinion about the methodology and analysis used in the articles and why a particular type of methodology and analysis is preferred to use over others.
6. Limitations of the research paper
7. Conclusion of the research paper
8. Recommendations and future work

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