Do you like the way our society is evolving?

When you have a chance, please watch this video clip that pertains to the importance of institutions.
After watching this video, think about divergent and polarized political views as articulated in the media within the United States. On one side of the political spectrum, we observe a more socialist ideology where some politicians favor a large public sector, greater regulation and government oversight, higher taxes, more income redistribution and social programs. On the other side of the political spectrum, we observe a more capitalist or free market ideology where other politicians favor a small public sector, much less regulation and government oversight, lower taxes, more investment in the private sector, fewer (only the essential) income redistribution and social programs.
Which political side do you think has the momentum in lieu of more recent national economic trends and political events?
Do you believe that our nation is becoming more like a welfare state, or one that is trying to promote individual self-reliance and perseverance?
Do you like the way our society is evolving?
Please share your thoughts about these questions, and respond to at least two of your classmate responses. I would like this forum to be a great discussion!

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