Do they compliment or contradict each other?

For this assignment, compare, contrast, and/or synthesize the arguments being made by Jackman (2002) and Sklansky (2021, 2022). You can approach this assignment in multiple ways, but you might discuss questions including:
In what ways are they similar?
In what ways are they different?
Do they compliment or contradict each other?
Do they provide unique insights or information about different forms or characteristics of violence?
Use direct quotes to support your point(s) and ASA formatting for in-text citations, including the name, year, and page number (or timestamp). Ensure direct quotes are inside quotation marks, and everything outside of quotation marks are your own works/paraphrasing. Add timestamps in place of page numbers if you use direct quotes from the video. E.g., Sklansky (2021) concludes that our ideas about violence, “warp criminal justice policy in multiple ways” (13:30).

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