Discusses safeguards which were put in place to protect the rights and safety of participants

Follow the template as you write your paper. Please do not deviate from the template, as it closely aligns with the assignment rubric. In your paper, you will address the following criteria: measurement, sampling, analysis, and ethics. The paper should also include a brief introduction and conclusion, as well as a title page and references page. The paper does not need to include an author’s note or an abstract.Title page is properly formatted, headings are correctly formatted in the body of the paper, in-text citation(s) are correct, references page is correctly formatted. Contains a meaningful introduction and conclusion. Describes the authors’ measurement strategy and offers a detailed explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of this approach, drawing from at least one outside source. Offers at one specific alternative measurement approach and discusses at least one clear advantage or disadvantage of this alternate approach. Describes the sample and discusses at least one specific way in which missing information may have affected the results of the study. Discusses the intended generalizability of the sample and specific limitations and flaws related to the sampling approach. Summarizes the authors’ discussion of the study’s ethical considerations. Discusses safeguards which were put in place to protect the rights and safety of participants. Mentions at least one important ethical issue that was mentioned only briefly or not at all and suggests a way in which it could have been addressed.

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