Determine the main contours of the skeleton or the structure of the biblical book

Throughout the semester, you will be writing five exegetical task papers.
For this exegetical task paper on Genesis 37-50, develop a book chart using the following procedure:
Read for the big picture of your biblical book or passage
Determine the main contours of the skeleton or the structure of the biblical book
Decide how you want to chart the structure of the book, either vertically, horizontally, or otherwise
(1) Read for the Big Picture of the Biblical Book
Read through the entire biblical book you are studying at a brisk pace in one sitting. Read to get the big idea of the flow of the argument. Don’t get bogged down in a lot of the details or in various kinds of issues and questions at this point. At the end of your reading, write down a one sentence summary of the main theme of the book.
Now repeat this and read through the book again in one sitting (perhaps from a different translation) and seek to improve upon your first statement of the main theme.
Repeat this process as many times as you can, depending on the length of the book. End with a concise, crisp one sentence statement of the purpose of the biblical book.
(2) Determine the Main Contours of the Biblical Book
From your multiple readings of the biblical book, you should have developed some sense of the basic structure of this book and the flow of the argument. Now is the time to express this structure in your own words.
The question you are seeking to answer is this: “How did the biblical author (and the Holy Spirit) develop the main theme I determined in #1 above?” In other words, how is the main theme developed and validated? How did the author/Author make their case and prove their point? How did they structure their argument? How do the various parts of the book relate to one another in developing this big idea?
(3) Decide How to Chart the Structure of the Book
If you decide to create a vertical chart, you can generally get more descriiption on your chart. Vertical charts tend to be more word-oriented than visually-oriented. In some cases this is very helpful when you want to develop your descriiption of the structure of different sections.
If you decide to create an horizontal chart, you are creating a more visually powerful tool. It is more readily obvious as to the flow of the argument. However, you generally have less room for development of each section with additional descriiptive phrases.
Remember, the goal of either style of chart is to show the interrelation of the parts to the whole of the book as the argument of the book unfolds.
please make a chart for me! vertical or horizontal i don’t care!
Please finish it on time thank you

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