Describe any other accounts reported in the Stockholder’s Equity section of the Balance Sheet.

Category: Capital stock on Tesla
1. Describe the composition of your corporation’s contributed capital [Hint: contributed capital includes common and preferred stock plus any paid in capital in excess of par (or stated value)].
2. Describe any other accounts reported in the Stockholder’s Equity section of the Balance Sheet.
3. Discuss Treasury Stock transactions during the current year, if any.
Category: Retained Earnings
1. Use the following equation and show how the Retained Earnings account has changed during the year. [Hint: the beginning balance of Retained Earnings is also equal to the ending balance of Retained Earnings in the prior year.]
Retained earnings, beginning balance
+ Net Income
– Dividends
= Retained earnings, ending balance
[Note: if the Statement of Stockholder’s Equity shows other accounts in the computation of Retained Earnings, please ask the professor for guidance]
Category: Analysis
1. Calculate the following ratios for the most current year, and interpret/comment on what those results of your ratio analysis indicate about the financial aspect measured. Show your calculations.
a. Return on stockholder’s equity
b. Earnings per share

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