Demonstrate your understanding of the scope of practice as a nutritionist

create an educational blog post or handout for a client or potential client on Migraine. For the creation of this client education piece, students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, showcasing to their client or potential client that they are a nutrition professional.
● Use the following guidelines to
complete your blog post or educational handout:
○ PART 1: Overview and Pathophysiology (about 250-300 words)
■ A brief overview of the condition. This will include a description of the
condition and statistics/prevalence of the condition.
■ Include the pathophysiology of the condition, such as what nutritional
deficiencies or excesses contribute to the condition (i.e. excessive sodium
intake, insufficient omega 3 fatty acids), and what biochemical
imbalances contribute to the condition (i.e. absorption, metabolism,
hormone control, etc.) (Pathophysiology seeks to explain the reason
why a condition develops or exists.)
○ PART 2: Food Plan and Therapeutics Foods (about 300-350 words)
■ Choose one (1) appropriate food plan for the condition. (i.e.
Mediterranean diet, Elimination diet, Ketogenic diet, etc.)
1. Provide a brief overview of the dietary plan, such as what is the
macronutrient make-up and/or details on what is included in this
food plan (Provide highlights of some key foods and how they are
beneficial for the given condition. Do not provide a full food list.)
2. Provide evidence on how this food plan will help improve the
condition chosen. (i.e. Improves glucose by X% in 6 weeks.)
3. Provide brief details on known dietary interactions based on
commonly used medications for the chosen condition.
4. Provide details on the possible negative aspects of this food plan
(You might consider aspects like cost of foods, food availability,
the restrictiveness of choices, lack of evidence, etc.) AND provide
one (1) way you can educate the reader on how to overcome this
5. A brief description of 1-2 therapeutic foods included in the food
plan and how this supports or benefits the given condition. (i.e.,
Celery can help to reduce blood pressure by X% when 4 stalks
are consumed daily.)
○ PART 3: Dietary Supplements (about 200-250 words)
■ Choose two (2) dietary supplements (vitamin, mineral, or botanical) that
can help manage the condition chosen.
■ Include:
1. A brief overview of the supplement including the name of the
dietary supplement (i.e., Magnesium) and if applicable, the
form/type of the supplement (i.e. Magnesium citrate is used
differently than Magnesium glycinate.)
2. The specific dose that is recommended for the condition (not
based on RDAs of a healthy individual). This is to be supported by
evidence and applicable to the given condition. (i.e., Research
has shown that X mg per day of magnesium glycinate can
improve blood pressure by X% in 12 weeks.)
3. Contraindications/cautions the reader should know when taking
the supplement. (This may include drug-herb, drug-nutrient,
alcohol, or dietary interactions).
○ PART 4: Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals (about 100 words)
■ Demonstrate your understanding of the scope of practice as a nutritionist
and provide a recommendation for another healthcare provider that can
be helpful for the management of the condition chosen.
1. This will include a brief description and evidence of the service
and how it can help. For example, acupuncture has been shown
to decrease depression by X% in X weeks.
○ PART 5: Conclusion (Limit to 50 words or less)
■ Conclude the blog post or education handout. Consider sharing a helpful
resource, a motivation tip, “words of wisdom” to get started on
implementing the recommendations you wrote about, a recipe, etc.
A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed articles is required along with the use of the course material.
Proper AMA or APA citations are required.

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